Thursday, February 28, 2013

AQW Packet Spammer

%xt%zm%getDrop%163%4723% - Unidentified 10
%xt%zm%getDrop%147584%6136% - Gem of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4770% - Dark Crystal Shard
%xt%zm%getDrop%175305%1172% - Escherion's Helm
%xt%zm%getDrop%254467%5356% - Essence of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%595891%5357% - Totem of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4769% - Tainted Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%191901%4708% - Cubes
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8541% - Tortured Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8542% - Malignant Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8543% - Ultimate Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8540% - Necrotic Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%174917%4960% - Tainted Soul
%xt%zm%getDrop%6%4771% - Diamonds of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%115861%4862% - Voucher of Nulgath(Non Member)
%xt%zm%getDrop%19457%4762% - Unidentified 13
%xt%zm%getDrop%141063%4861% - Voucher of Nulgath (Member)
%xt%zm%getDrop%61223%6521% - Legion Token
%xt%zm%getDrop%55467%10326% - Magenta Dye
%xt%zm%getDrop%55467%10325% - Fuchsia Dye
%xt%zm%getDrop%110157%8940% - Treasure Chest
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9396% - Super Fan Swag Token D
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9395% - Super Fan Swag Token C
%xt%zm%buyItem%15%9394%325% - Super Fan Swag Token B
%xt%zm%buyItem%15%9393%325% - Super Fan Swag Token A
%xt%zm%getDrop%232642%157% - Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%getDrop%262830%199% - Giant Protector Blade
%xt%zm%getDrop%262830%198% - Box Guardian Blade
%xt%zm%getDrop%62%10700% - Air Freed
%xt%zm%getDrop%20136%4660% - Hydra Scale
%xt%zm%getDrop%20011%4659% - Aracara's Fang
%xt%zm%getDrop%19935%4658% - Strand of Vath's Hair
%xt%zm%getDrop%19719%4657% - O-dokuro's Tooth
%xt%zm%getDrop%19573%2431% - Escherion's Chain
%xt%zm%getDrop%1674%8720% - Shiny Junked Junk
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4713% - Unidentified 4
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4818% - Unidentified 22
%xt%zm%getDrop%157%4716% - Unidentified 7
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%4714% - Unidentified 5
%xt%zm%getDrop%223555%4717% - Unidentified 8
%xt%zm%getDrop%82%8072% - 1st Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%110955%8071% - 2nd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%82%8070% - 3rd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%8069% - 4th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%135510%4820% - Unidentified 24
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%4712% - Unidentified 3
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%4829% - Unidentified 28
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%4709% - Unidentified 2
%xt%zm%getDrop%64980%4856% - Unidentified 30
%xt%zm%getDrop%64980%4746% - Unidentified 12
%xt%zm%getDrop%65398%4857% - Unidentified 31
%xt%zm%getDrop%65398%4819% - Undentified 23
%xt%zm%getDrop%40972%4750% - Unidentified 17
%xt%zm%getDrop%167313%4748% - Unidentified 15
%xt%zm%getDrop%167313%4752% - Unidentified 19
%xt%zm%getDrop%167543%4858% - Unidentified 32
%xt%zm%getDrop%61108%4821% - Unidentified 25
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9439% - This is Definitly A token
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9440% - This Could be A token
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9392% - This Might be A token
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9397% - Token of Vindication
%xt%zm%getDrop%192053%5547% - Ravaged Champion Soul
%xt%zm%getDrop%135823%8891% - Mental Defenses removed
%xt%zm%getDrop%135823%8892% - Whispered laughter
%xt%zm%getDrop%135823%8893% - Piece of dreamglass
%xt%zm%getDrop%7958%312% - Soul Schyte
%xt%zm%getDrop%105%5581% - Viper's Blood
%xt%zm%getDrop%61113%4711% - J6's Secret Hideout map
%xt%zm%getDrop%232642%157% - Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%getDrop%428623%4889% - Combat Trophy
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%600% - Dwakel Bubble Helm
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%609% - Oculation Helm
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%615% - Battery Cell Pack
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%612% - Spy Bot
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%601% - Dwakel Sword
%xt%zm%getDrop%153492%300% - Phoenix blade
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%321% - Krom's Conquest
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%583% - Templars Helm of Light
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%305% - Celestial Staff
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%322% - Dragonhead Archon
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%303% - Elegant Backstabber
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%573% - Dragon Wings
%xt%zm%getDrop%80987%11189% - Thanatos armor
%xt%zm%getDrop%2%11190% - Thanatos helm
~sellItem Packets (To Sell Item In Inventory)

%xt%zm%sellItem%190541%4762%2%1051062524% - Sell Unidentified 13
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%4771%13%1064287361% - Sell Diamond of Nulgath
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%6136%90%1050856922% - Sell Gem of Nulgath
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%4770%50%1060427436% - Sell Dark Crystal Shard
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%4769%49%1062072051% - Sell Tainted Gem
%xt%zm%sellItem%2%4861%1%1101572404% - Sell Voucher of Nulgath
%xt%zm%sellItem%4%1172%1%1101789224% - Sell Escherion's Helm
%xt%zm%sellItem%232642%157%1%1101784651% - Sell Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%sellItem%992%8940%86%1107753703% - Sell Treasure Chest
%xt%zm%sellItem%2%198%2%1119922131% - Sell Box Guardian Blade
%xt%zm%sellItem%262830%199%1%1119904296% - Sell Giant Protector Blade
%xt%zm%sellItem%232642%157%1%1101784651% - Sell Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%sellItem%92393%4708%1%1191123262% - Sell Cubes
%xt%zm%sellItem%183%9392%1%1196115791% - Sell This Might Be A Token
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%600%1%1170805044% - Sell Dwakel Bubble Helm
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%609%1%1170808447% - Sell Oculation Helm
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%615%1%1170809609% - Sell Battery Cell Pack
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%612%1%1170810811% - Sell Spy Bot
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%601%1%1170813249% - Sell Dwakel Sword

~SponZard Packet

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%366% - Experience Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%365% - Gold Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%515% - Repution Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%516% - Class Point Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%362% - Globrush [R] Lightbeam Elixir
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%367% - Globrush Sparklebeam Elixir
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%368% - Elixir of Haste
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%369% - Elixir of Regeneration
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%364% - Globrush [R] Wand
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%393% - Globrush [R] Guardian Guard
~summon Pet Packets (For Showing a pet {Not Permanent})

%xt%zm%summonPet%15714%10596% - Darkside Pet
%xt%zm%summonPet%90847%10127% - Horc Evader Pet
%xt%zm%summonPet%90847%7985% - Necromancer Pet
~setAchievement Packets (For Badge Or Achievement)

%xt%zm%setAchievement%9773%ia0%9%1% - Sky Pirate Achevement
%xt%zm%setAchievement%272%ia0%2%1% - Moglin Punter
%xt%zm%setAchievement%272%ia0%1%1% - Kung Food Fighter
%xt%zm%setAchievement%272%ia0%0%1% - Friday The 13th
%xt%zm%setAchievement%9%ia0%12%1% - Unicorn Commander
%xt%zm%setAchievement%9773%ia0%5%1% - Eye Was There
%xt%zm%setAchievement%9773%ia0%7%1% - Stubborn Achievement
%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%13%1% - Cornelis Reborn
%xt%zm%setAchievement%22%ia0%4%1% - Cysero's Wedding
%xt%zm%setAchievement%272%ia0%8%1% - Reinforced
~restRequest Packets

%xt%zm%emotea%1%rest% - Akan menggunakan emotes "REST"
%xt%zm%restRequest%1%% - Akan memulihkan character anda (tdk bsa dipake wkt tarung)
~useItem Packets

%xt%zm%serverUseItem%204012%+%7162% - Experience Boost
%xt%zm%serverUseItem%183322%+%8877% - Class Point Boost
%xt%zm%serverUseItem%183322%+%7140% - Gold Boost
%xt%zm%serverUseItem%183322%+%8879% - Reputation Boost
~buyItem Packets

%xt%zm%buyItem%726%1798%89% - Buy Shadow Shinobi
%xt%zm%buyItem%726%1799%89% - Buy Shadow Weaver
%xt%zm%buyItem%726%11270%216% - Buy Legion Donation


Anonymous said...

how to use this password.?

Anonymous said...

kebanyakan dari get drop ngga bisa ya?

Sea said...

1. Open the Packet Spammer window.
2. Add the code.
3. Press Add.
4. Set the value to 2500.
5. Start.
6. Wait like 2 seconds then you'll get the items (exception Badges).


Anonymous said...

none of the nulgath or legion token packets work

Anonymous said...

%xt%zm%serverUseItem%183322%+%8879% - Reputation Boost

Anonymous said...

%xt%zm%serverUseItem%183322%+%8879% - Reputation Boost

azamsidqi said...

ilhamlatif said...

kok aneh sih gw dah dpt 1 kok gk bsa dpt lagi

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


RIFQYBp said...

%xt%zm%getDrop%6%4771% - Diamonds of Nulgath kaga bisa

Anonymous said...

not work all drop spammer..

uknownshadowXD lai said...

y do i have to download a appropriate program for it

andr andrey said...

i can not use : getDrop . :(((

Anonymous said...

I have set the Spam on 2500 and added the code but the problem is im keep getting disconnected...

any ideas what i do wrong ? :)
thanks again!

Anonymous said...

why cant i get legion token and get disconnected

The Answer Man said...

For those of you who are asking why you don't get Legion Tokens, Diamonds of Nulgath, ect., the packet accepts the drop if you're AFK botting/too lazy to click the "Yes" button on the drops. The packets don't spawn them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right!!

You should follow this guy!
-> Josephus NoN Albiso

He had all the codes of packet spammer and also it is 100% working!!

Just try and you will believe!

marskie encabo said...

why all spammer codes at the top not working ! they will be disconnected! fix it.... thank you

Anonymous said...

This is a list of the ways you can get banned and disconnect :D

Enjoy! And thank you for ruining the game.

Odin Fatalis

Anonymous said...

FUCK ?! iT Wont Work ... It Only Disconnecting Me ! 3:(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Same dont work. only dc me

Anonymous said...

oppo wii

kakashi hatake said...

none of these works except some...

Anonymous said...

reputation boost nya gak bisa

Rido Akbar said...

Pake Paket Spammernya Gk Bisa

Anonymous said...

You are all Inconsiderate This poor dude has put So much work trying to snatch all these codes and Spams and all you all have to do is sit there and complain. Some work, Some don't If you all don't want to get disappointed DON'T Cheat the game.

Anonymous said...

Im an Anonymous :3 ^^^^^^
im Right here :D

Anonymous said...

mga bulok toh

MF Aguilar said...

Hey how to download this app?

Anonymous said...

ya be disconected

Anonymous said...

gimana kok gak dapet

Anonymous said...


Greyhole Cw said...

Please give me the code for cyber fiend armor or cyber talons weapons

peter lungay said...

how to DownLoad THIS?

Anonymous said...

kok gak bisa ?

Jonathan Patrick bagcal said...


Anonymous said...

Just go fight fire dragon in lair I got it from there wep wings helm and armor

Anonymous said...

still works?

Anonymous said...

token nya kok gk bisa semua sma rep bost

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